SB-195A and AD 2021-14-12

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Here is the latest information for SB-195A and AD 2021-14-12. The AD only applies to AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA1C and AA5 aircraft. It does not apply to AA5A, AA5B, or AG5B models which utilize a different design for the horizontal stabilizer.

June 2, 2021

As Grumman pilots, owners of the Type Certificates and operators of an all inclusive maintenance facility for the AA1 and AA5 series of Grumman light aircraft, the True Flight team works closely with governmental agencies and Grumman owner’s groups to analyze potential issues and develop Service Bulletins for continued airworthiness. It is important that the facility who conducts your maintenance is well versed in the Grumman aircraft and it’s bonded structures. While our Grummans are not difficult to properly maintain they do require some specific attention to detail and it is imperative that repairmen follow prescribed procedures in the appropriate Maintenance Manual. If you need a manual please contact us for the latest revision.

We are already receiving responses from the fleet and at least one aircraft was found to need immediate repair – thankfully it was discovered on the ground. Please check your aircraft carefully! This is not a difficult issue to repair but it must be repaired properly.

This Service Bulletin is written to addresses concerns arising from a recent debonding related accident. The intent is to make sure that your aircraft does not exhibit similar issues. Your response to this bulletin will help shape future continuing airworthiness recommendations so it is very important that you share your findings with us. If you previously downloaded SB-195 or Service Kit 157 (referenced in the SB-195) you will need to download SK-195A (it is significantly different) as well as the now referenced SK-125B. (The previously numbered SK-157 has been renamed SK-125B for better conformity). Please feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an inspection or repair.

Special thanks to the NTSB and Atlanta ACO who worked diligently with us to develop this Service Bulletin.

Clear skies and tailwinds!

Kevin Lancaster

July 12, 2021

Today the FAA released AD 2021-14-12 as expected. The AD only applies to AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA1C and AA5 aircraft. It does not apply to AA5A, AA5B, or AG5B models.

It can be found and downloaded here: