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True Flight Aerospace, LLC was organized to manufacture, sell, and service the AG-5B Tiger and it’s kin, the Grumman American line of light aircraft. Commonly known as the “Grumman Tiger”, the extreme fun factor of the AG5B is recognized world wide thanks to its sliding canopy coupled with great speed, agility, and stability. Mating such exhilarating performance with low fuel burn and a tremendous safety record distinguish it from its competition. Because of it’s remarkably low cost of operation, it is a favorite among flight schools yet it’s speed endears it to private owners. Ongoing upgrades to the Tiger design, most notably the addition of the Garmin glass cockpit have enabled the Tiger to stay on the leading edge of aircraft evolution.

photo_aboutus_02Our Mission:

True Flight Aerospace strives to be the most highly regarded aircraft manufacturer in the industry. We will serve the general aviation market by providing the safest and most cost efficient aircraft available in each market segment we participate in. We will provide the best customer service and product support by consistently developing new ways to exceed our customer’s expectations. We will maintain and build on the Tiger’s reputation for being the most “Bang for the Buck”. We will be faithful stewards of the resources entrusted to us. In doing so we will build a successful company our customers will love while providing a stable and enjoyable work environment for our employees and a secure and profitable investment opportunity for our business partners.

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