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Hello Friends!

We are excited to announce our current project for the new Tigers and its availability for use in the existing fleet.

FI Engine box

New Fuel Injected Lycoming arrives – the real work begins

For many years we have heard requests for a fuel injected engine and constant speed prop for the Tiger.  True Flight is well under way to provide exactly that…not only for the new Tigers to be designated TF5i but also as an STC for the existing AA5A, AA5B and AG5B aircraft.  For the existing fleet the fuel injected engine options will include a new aggressive more aerodynamic cowl, high performance induction system and power boosting exhaust system and may be bought with or without the constant speed prop.  This will allow owners to upgrade as time and budget permits.  The new TF5i  Tiger will include all of these options but may be purchased with a fixed pitch prop.

FI Engine on hoistInstallation time!

Some of our design elements will certainly be tweaked as flight testing continues so look for updates soon!  Pricing details will be available soon as we have the design elements finalized but every effort is being made to provide a cost effective upgrade path with serviceability at a maximum…after all those are two things we all love about out Tigers.