Welcome to the home of the Grumman Tiger and its kin!

We are pleased to announce that TFA has received our FAA Parts Manufacturing Authorization (PMA). 

The first item we have produced is the Carburetor Duct PN 5503004-2.  It is available now and supersedes the 5503004-1.  The retooled duct has improvements to make it more durable.  Contact us at 229-242-6337 or email Info@TrueFlightAerospace.com to order.  We will be steadily adding additional new parts to our catalog as we determine the need.

Carb Duct

Flying CoverJanuary 2015 on the cover of FLYING


OSH 2014 team

We are excited to show off our fuel injected Tiger.  So far the IO-360 promises to improve efficiency and overall performance.  We have been very pleased by the low fuel consumption numbers we have able to attain and the overall performance improvements.  It is hard to squeeze much more efficiency out of such an outstanding airframe design but this engine is doing it.

Besides the excitement of having the IO-360 fuel injected Tiger in the works, we are currently in ongoing discussions with several investor groups that are interested in supporting our efforts to bring the Tiger back to market and expand support for the nearly 5000 aircraft on both Type Certificates in the “Grumman” fleet.

EXP TIGEROur resident Tiger wearing the “EXPERIMENTAL” placard required for research and development.


osh team and plane smSpecial thanks to Steve Justice, Amy Hudnall (pictured above right of tiger), and Gary O’Neill from the Georgia Center for Innovation in Aerospace, and Adon Clark and his team from Middle Georgia College for making us feel at home and for their commitment to making Georgia the best place in the world for aviation development.


As a housekeeping matter, we are putting a list of email addresses together of Grumman owners so that we can share ongoing airworthiness and technical information from time to time.  Please shoot us an email so we will have your contact information.

We’ll see you soon!

Thank you,

Kevin Lancaster and The True Flight Team